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Dear Customer:

Thank you for the opportunity to service your building material needs. As part of this process, you or your contractor have requested that building materials be delivered to the address below. It is important to understand that building materials and the delivery equipment required to transport them are extremely heavy. This weight may cause cracks and indentations to asphalt and concrete driveways, pavers, sidewalks and curbs, or ruts in grassy areas. If rooftop delivery is specified, there is additional risk of incidental damage to structures, particularly where the roof may have pre-existing damage or weakness that is not readily detectable. If Roof Edge Delivery is specified there is additional risk to anyone on the roof accepting and handling the material being conveyed by either a conveyor, crane or boom truck.

In consideration of JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies Inc. (JB Wholesale) delivering the specified building materials, the undersigned hereby releases JB Wholesale from any liability related to property damage caused by, or arising from, the delivery of the specified materials, except in the case of negligence by JB Wholesale.

  • If the undersigned is the property owner or agent customer, JB Wholesale is granted permission to enter the property for purposes of delivering the materials.
  • If the undersigned is the contractor or subcontractor customer, they shall defend and indemnify JB Wholesale against any claims, suits or demands of the property owner or others for property damages or personal injury caused by, or arising from the delivery of the materials.