Celebrating the life of Keith Jones

Keith and Brian Jones

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  1. Know that you are forever in our hearts.
    Eternal rest be granted unto you.
    In His hands we commend your spirit.
    Time spent with you are forever cherished.
    Home is where you are now Mr. Jones.

  2. Keith, you were simply the best business partner, yes you treated me as a partner in all the projects you shipped us. Never was there a missed deadline on deliveries whether here in California or out of state, you always made it happen. I am going to sincerely miss you because you were more than a supplier to me, you were a friend and a mentor and when times were tough you never gave up on me and my family and this is where your kind heart was always on display. I owe you allot for where I am today. As we reflect on Thanksgiving Day I will always be thankful for our friendship from work and outside of work, while we never fished a tournament together the times that we competed against each other was fun because I always wanted to compete against the master, you always won and that wasn’t by luck, it was your experience that was on display. I’ll never forget the friend that you were. May you have endless days hunting those Blue Marlin…. God Bless you Keith and God Bless the Jones Family.
    Tom Berry

  3. After 30 years of being in the roofing business I thought I knew everything until I met you. I soon realized that I knew nothing of how the business really works. In three short years you changed the way I look at the business, people and relationships. I was unsure if I was going to make it. You showed me by your actions of what should be done and there were days where you showed me how it shouldn’t be done. Thank you for bringing me into your company. Now that things have changed I will always be grateful for what I was able to learn from you and I will always respect the relationship that we started. My heart hurts writing this. There are many of us here that will miss you terribly. Looking at Brian today I think you did a good job raising him to be the strong man and leader he has become. JB will be in good in his capable hands.
    For the family, my deepest condolences on your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you. There will be a time when the healing will begin and you will be at peace.

  4. Joe Garcia
    November 27th,2020 12:19

    A leader who told me like it was, with a heart of Gold
    Saturday Conversations will be missed
    An Honor to know you…

  5. On be half of my dad Jose Guadalupe Rojas “Lupe” my self and family , our very deepest condolences for all family. very appreciated man that may dad had a deep gratitude for him.

  6. TO: Brian (Karen, Debbie, Brock & Cannon), Nizam, Rudy, Felicia/Lorraine/Rosie, Chris @ Torrance, Liz @ Norwalk, Pete @ Pasadena AND the entire JB Family

    My wife, Stephanie and I extend our deepest condolences on the passing of Keith, Dad and Grand-Dad Aka: “THE LEGEND”.
    I’m one of the lucky ones to have known Keith through Royal Roofing Company since the late 80’s. Through thick and thin, Keith supported my personal and professional growth so much so that to me he was “UNCLE KEITH”. I admired his business savvy, his drive to excel, and his “work hard/play hard” Motto. Keith’s personal touch, Old School handshake and respect for others never wavered as he built and grew JB. His talent of balancing business, professionalism, mentoring and friendship were extraordinary.

    BRAIN, your business abilities and personal touch are already proven. Little did you know that when you were a young intern at JB, that one day you would be the Captain of Keith’s JB Legacy. FEEL CONFIDENT that the entire JB Family of Employees, Manufacturing Partners and Roofing Contractors who were touched by Keith will 110% SUPPORT YOU FORWARD without fail. If your Dad were in on this Tribute, he’d probably say “Make me Proud Son and EVERYONE get back to fuc__en work” as that was Keith humorous personality always making one laugh even when the pressure was on….
    Stephanie and I, as you all will certainly MISS KEITH, but we’ll do our best to find comfort knowing Keith’s in God’s loving hands now. We will always cherish all of our fond memories of this ROOFING TITAN.

  7. To my friend Karen: Michael and I have been thinking of you constantly since Keiths passing ~with lots of love.

  8. The love of my sister’s life and a great brother in-law. My wife and I visited with Keith and Karen many times in California and Ohio those times will be cherished forever in our hearts. Keith and Karen’s hospitality and generosity can never be matched. Keith we love you RIP

  9. A great man, leader and friend. Loved to talk about cars, raceing and fishing. He was very loyal to his business and his suppliers. Keith you will be greatly missed.. may god bless you, as he knows you will build a strong roof for all those he loved.

  10. Having worked for Keith Jones, I’ve always felt a part of the JB Wholesale Family and Keith and Brian always supported me. When I think of Keith I think of loyalty and friendship because that’s all he ever showed me. He taught me a lot about our industry and I respected and admired him as a man, mentor and businessman. You will missed but never forgotten Mr. Jones. Gabriel

  11. In the name of God Most Gracious, Most merciful.

    Its been a very tough year for many people. I, myself lost my brother and my mother in 2020. And now I have lost what considered to be my second dad.
    I’ve known Keith for over 23 years now. Working side by side with him and having work related discussions as well as many other conversations for several hours each and every day.

    My stories of Keith are probably very similar to many of your stories of Keith simply because he was a very one faced person. He treated everyone the same. In the roofing industry alone, he helped hundreds of roofers during the past 41 years get their first account when others turned them away. He served his country and even though he was injured he never complained about it. He always worked hard. Performing manual labor for many years before finally taking the risk of starting his own business.

    I Could literally spend countless hours telling you the stories of Keith, stories that would touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes. But I know Keith would not want that. Because Keith never wanted to be the center of attention. This is why we must turn this into a positive learning experience for all of us. I believe when someone like Keith passes the best way to continue their legacy is to learn from all the positive qualities they possessed. I believe that is how you honor someone you loved.
    Keith was not a very religious person but he believed in God and had very high morals and decency all of which are Godly attributes. Keith frowned upon those who didn’t practice what they preached, and for good reason because Keith was not a hypocrite and his word was as good as gold.

    Keith was fortunate enough to be successful, working hard for everything he had. But interestingly enough he was not a show off. Keith never bragged about anything he had. Many times I was with him when people were bragging about the fancy cars they had or the boats they had, all of which Keith had as well. But he never said a word. He would just listen and congratulate the person for their achievements.

    Keith was respectful of all people. There were so many times I used to joke about different people because its something I like to do and he would say to me, you are such a racist. And for fun I would throw back at him that he was a racist to which he replied, “Hey I hired you and you’re a Muslim, Indian who think he’s white, if that isn’t equal opportunity, I don’t know what is.”

    Giving. Keith possessed a wonderful quality of giving. I touched on it earlier. He gave so much to those around him, even to those who may not have even deserved it. He supported veterans, children’s organizations, animal organizations, habitat for humanity, City of Hope….the list goes on and on. Again, you may not have known Keith this way because he didn’t brag about it. Some of you may think of Keith as this tough John Wayne cowboy type. But as his son Brian would say he had the bark of a Pitbull but the bite of a chihuahua.

    I don’t need to tell you of his love for fishing. We all knew it. His office was practically a museum for fishing. I used to get a kick out of salesman that would be trying their hardest to try and win Keith over to make a sale. Sometimes I could hear amateur salesman from my office start off the conversation with Keith by saying, so do you like fishing? I would like run into Keith’s’ office and just tell the guy ok get out of here. Because if I didn’t save Keith he would literally listen to a 1 hour useless sales pitch. He was so patient with everyone. It would drive me crazy.

    But that’s what I will miss the most. The patience he had to listen, even to those who I believed were not worth listening to.
    This is why today we should honor Keith by not being sad but by leading by example. Keith set the example. Now it’s time for us to lead.

    May God reward Keith for all his goodness, forgive his sins and grant him eternal peace.

    Thank you and God Bless.
    Nizam Husaini
    JB Wholesale

  12. It was a privilege to work for someone who always had a smile, was kind, and giving. Very few people make an unforgettable impact onto others’ lives and there is not doubt that his humble ways made a remark on many. Rest In Peace Mr. Jones knowing that your kind heart will be always missed but eternally remembered.

    Dear Mr. Jones, Thank you for going out of your way to stopped by my desk a holiday weekend to wish me a good family weekend. Those are the things that make kindness happen in this world. Thank you for making your employees feel appreciated.

  13. Thanks to Keith and the success of his company, his employees were able to live and succeed, care for families, buy homes, raise children. I was a little intimidated at first by Keith’s yelling, but I came to see that he wanted employees to be responsible and make good choices and was frustrated when they seemed to make poor financial choices. He gave many people second and third chances. He was very compassionate and shared his wealth with many charities. I’m grateful to have been his employee since February 2017 and will never ever miss a deadline to process a 401k profit sharing contribution in the future. (He raised his voice at me for that). May God bless and give comfort and strength to all those who have been left behind.

  14. Mr. Jones always so kind, I had the honor of meeting him back in 2005 as I use to visit distribution yards, our CEO introduced me to him. I remember his dogs running around his office. We had a few conversations over the phone with regards to spec jobs, I would stop what I was doing and email him his much needed quote. We don’t realize, it is the little things we miss the most and that is one of them. May he rest in eternal piece, my deepest condolences to his family.

  15. Loretta (Lori) Pillow Smith
    December 3, 2020

    Keith and I were classmates in Hobart, Oklahoma, class of 1963. It was such a pleasure to reconnect and to know more about Keith at our 60’s reunion in 2016. He will be missed by all of us.
    I truly enjoyed my recent phone conversation with Brian and enjoyed the stories he told me about his dad. Am so thankful that Keith was a wonderful father and grandfather.
    May God comfort all of you in your loss. What a wonderful life you had with him.

  16. I knew Keith back in the good old days, grade school and Jr. High where we were both in the band and went to church together and he was a bright smart guy who was a lot of fun. What a great time we had growing up together in a small Oklahoma County Seat town. The photo is our Sunday School class about 1955.

  17. Keith and I were friends for 56 years. I was 16 and took my 1964 Chevy Impala to Magic Muffler where Keith worked and we were instant friends. I’ve bought and Keith personal cars and business trucks over the years. He never parted from the 1988 Porsche and old BMW motorcycle I sold him about 29 years ago. This last year he called me several times wanting to buy a new car but couldn’t find a car he liked. I asked him if he liked the car he had and he said yes so I said keep it then. He would say OK I think that’s a good idea I’ll keep it.
    We enjoyed in our younger years riding motorcycles and racing our Porsche’s on Sunday’s. He was very competitive. If he ever got in front of me no way was he going to let me pass him.

    I think of all the wonderful times we had along with our ups and downs both personally and in business.

    Keith was one of a kind and I loved him dearly.

    Jack Ribis

  18. Sending prayers and our deepest condolences to Brian, the Jones Family, and the entire JB Wholesale team.
    May fond memories of Keith comfort you during this difficult time.

    From your friends at Roof Resources Inc.
    Mark Ouellette, Pat Hoffman, Carmen Emery and Jeffrey Jones

  19. I considered Keith to be a friend as well as a customer. I’ll never forget in the early 80s going in to the first JB Wholesale location to visit him. I had never seen so many roofers at a counter before. And believe me, during my presidency of US Intec, I had visited many distributors. Although the store was really busy, Keith took the time to talk to me and my regional manager. This is how he was and over the years this did not change. He will be missed by all.
    My prayers are with his family, friends, and the JB Wholesale team.

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