Giving Honor Where Honor Is Priceless

JB Wholesale Roofing and Building is a Veteran owned business. As a company we’ll never forget those who have served, gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to our current men and women who serve in our military. Without our soldiers, our freedom would not be protected. Peace is worth fighting for. Saint Augustine said the purpose of war is peace. Five Star General Douglas MacArthur said, “the soldier above all people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

We, as a company and individuals, will stand with our Military and support any way we can.

The Wall of Honor

Please post here a picture of your family member or friend who has served or is currently in our armed forces.

Fill out the form and upload a picture of your soldier. We will post all requests within 72 hours.

My Soldier Form


Thank you,

JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies Inc.

Thank you for your service

Jose Alvarez Jr.
Branch: Army
Rank: Command Sergeant Major
Years Served: 29
Specialty: Air assault, Expert shooter
Awards/Medals: Bronze Star, UN Medal
Service Record: Combat service, action in Iraq, Kosovo, Somalia, Haiti, Hurricane Andrew
James Zito
Branch: Army
Rank: Sargent
Years Served: 4
Specialty: Medic
Service Record: Toured in World War II and the Korean War.
Heather Sorrendino
Branch: Army
Rank: Private
Connor Panick
Branch: Navy
Rank: Navy Ensign
Years served: Currently serving 4th year
Specialty: Nuclear Submarines
Jennifer Housholder
Branch: Army
Rank: Major
Years served: Currently Active
Specialty: Blackhawk Pilot
Service Record: Toured in the Iraq war. Also toured in Kuwait and Italy.
Ariel Condez
Branch: US Army
Rank: Staff Sargent
Years Served: 8
Specialty: Scout Cavalry
Service Record: Korea
Phillip Leon Underwood
Branch: US Army
Rank: Sargent
Years Served: 4
Service Record: Korean War
John Haller Stumpp
Branch: US Army
Rank: Sargeant First Class
Years Served: 21
Specialty: Cavalry
Awards/Medals:  Purple Heart Bronze Star
Service Record: Vietnam
KindyLee Mackamul
Branch: Army
Rank: Specialist
Years Served: 3
Service Record: Fort Bragg NC
Bruce Mackamul
Branch: US Marine Corps
Rank: Sargeant Major
Years Served: 29
Service Record: Beirut, Mexico, Morocco, MCRD
Victoria Van Zandt
Branch: Army
Rank: Artillery
Years Served: Year-in-half
Service Record: 1st Battalion 31st Field Artillery
Steve Cook
Branch: Army
Rank: Enlisted
Years Served: 2
Service Record: Stationed in Korea
Chris Day
Branch: US Navy
Rank: E4
Years Served: 6
Specialty: Seal
Karla Herrera
Branch: US Air Force
Rank: E3
Years Served: 1
Specialty: Security forces
Currently Stationed: CA
James Wolfgram
Branch: US NAVY
Rank: E-4
Years Served: 4
Specialty: Construction Mechanic 3rd class|(SCWS)(EAWS)
Awards/Medals: (A.C.M) (N.A.M) (G.W.O.T)
Currently Stationed: Veteran
Service Record:

  • Stationed: Virginia
  • 6 month Deployment to Afghanistan
  • 6 month Deployment to Pohang, south Korea

Mike Windsor
Branch: Marine
Rank: Sergeant
Years Served: 6 years
Specialty: Marine Security Guard/ Aviation Supply
Service Record: USS Enterprise Persian Gulf
American Embassy Brussels, Belgium
American Embassy Ndjamena, Chad
American Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
Greggory Silva
Branch: US Army
Rank: E9 / CSM
Years Served: 34 years
Specialty: Bronze Star / Meritorious Service Medal / Joint Service Achievement / ARCOM x4 / AAM x4 / Combat Action Badge
Currently Stationed: California Army National Guard, 1-185th IN, San Bernardino, Ca.