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Webinar Class: Presenting for Impact: Presentation and communication skills for Sales Professionals-Part 2

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Time: 10 AM (1:00p EST)

Brief Description:
Expert Value Speaker Series – Guest Speaker: Shawn Doyle

Learn the core presentation skills every good sales person must know in order to be successful. This 2 part session will cover key elements that can make any sales person better at delivering and communicating key messages. Most sales professionals are naturally very good communicators. And while this is great for building rapport and building strong relationships it isn’t enough to deliver compelling and powerful sales presentations. Focus areas for this 2 part webinar training:
– Delivering a compelling message – not just pitching a product or solution
– Understanding the importance of flow, pace and timing
– How to use storytelling to create emotional connection
– Understanding body language and how it effects your overall sales engagement
– How to use visuals in a compelling way
– Using voice and vocabulary for maximum impact
– and more …
We will cover live in person presentation as well as virtual presentation
through video conferencing.

Duration: 1 Hr.

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