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Webinar Class: How to Know Your Business Numbers – Part 2 of a Six Part series

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Time: 10 AM (1:00p EST)

Brief Description:
Expert Value Speaker Series – Guest Speakers: Danny Kerr, Director of Assessment and Benji Carlson, Assessment Specialist – Breakthrough Academy
Does it ever feel like you’re running your business blindfolded, with hard-to-read financial tracking systems that make it difficult to make decisions? Now more than ever, understanding your business’s key metrics and what to do with the information they provide is critical. Having a clear dashboard with accurate data allows you to peer into the future, stay nimble, and make course corrections in a timely fashion. In this “How to Know Your Business Numbers” session, Benji and Danny from Breakthrough Academy will shed light on how to start running a data driven business; they will also share tools to help you implement this change.
You’ll get tactics and free tools to:
-Track the most important metrics in your company
-Use last year’s data to benchmark goals for next year
-Understand the simplest and most effective tracking systems to use
There will be on-air Q&A, so get your best questions ready.

Duration: 1 Hr

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