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10 Reasons JB Wholesale Contractors should use EagleView®


A professional edge.

EagleView reports are delivered as a professional document with a customizable cover page included at no additional cost to the contractor. The property owner report offers a professional presentation utilizing Pictometry® aerial imagery and the EagleView 3D model. The ability to leave impressive aerial views with customers along with rapid estimates brands your company as forward thinking and reliable.


Differentiate your company.

By utilizing technology in your marketing program, you can attract the right kind of leads and long-term customers. Marketing the use of EagleView reports and showing them to customers whether in the home, at home shows or on your website clearly differentiates your company from the competition.


First to bid.

Today’s consumer has access to instant information online and are looking for estimates to be delivered quickly. They will often choose the first contractor who delivers the information they need. EagleView’s QuickSquares™ report provides the overall square footage of a residential roof and up to one detached garage in about an hour for fast estimating.


Increased closing rates.

Contractors who use technology and the professional presentation provided by EagleView reports show higher closing rates. By utilizing technology to differentiate your company, homeowners will look to your company as the leader in the market. Accuracy, speed and professionalism are strong ingredients for improving a sales team’s closing rates.


Accurate JB Wholesale material orders.

Accurate material ordering is crucial. Knowing that a job will not be short on materials which, in turn, can potentially create color lot issues, is critical for a successful job. It is also important not to have pallets of extra product sitting in the driveway possibly resulting in restocking charges. EagleView helps make accurate material ordering an everyday occurrence, saving your company money.


Increased profitability.

EagleView’s PremiumReport™, created with patented 3D technologies, guarantees accurate measurements for precise material ordering and production planning. Accurate numbers mean higher profits with fewer overs and unders. When contractors upgrade from the QuickSquares Report to receive the full measurements provided by the PremiumReport, the cost of the QuickSquares is deducted from the total price.


Negotiate and track labor charges.

No haggling over steep charges or other crew payment issues when using EagleView reports. Accurate pitch, area and line measurements make tracking labor easy and collaborative. Instead of square measurement disagreements, all parties can use the measurements for rapid and profitable labor and production.


Easier design and CAD layouts.

EagleView delivers XML or DXF files with every report. If your estimators or designers are using estimating, design or production software, there is a very good possibility that your EagleView report will integrate into your current software. Save design time and clerical mistakes with the ability to upload 3D models and exact measurements


Insurance claim documentation.

Accepted by a majority of insurance carriers, EagleView reports make submitting insurance claims fast and easy.


Warranty documentation.

With every project the importance of documenting your work for warranties is essential. EagleView reports are the best documentation for measurements, square footage and overall jobsite overview for both your customer and your business. EagleView reports are also a great gift to your customers as a final thank you when delivering the warranty information.

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